Perhaps a pocket square could not shape your personality, but could certainly emphasize a detail of it!

This is the concept at the base of our new collection Poschette 2017.
It has been not easy to create patterns which could match to the specific personalities, preserving at the same time the simplicity of shapes and colours of a traditional pocket square.
We are very proud of the result achieved: Poschette 2017, only 100 items, six different characters, available in blue or red.

The skull

What makes the skull a compelling symbol is the deeper meanings associated with it.
Often symbol of life prevailing on death, for some cultures it represents the eternity or, in fight, the victory against the enemy.

The mustaches

Symbol of social status.
A meaning carried to its extreme in our society, where it is used to be “over the top”, but with style.

The pacifiers

Symbol of irreplaceable safety since the childhood.
Today, in our collective imagination, it represents the eternal youth, while hiding in its deeper meaning the new-found safety.

The clouds

Inner peace and spiritual harmony.
Often associated with the desire of escaping and the mental elevation, the cloud represents for us the opportunity to continuously discover and rediscover ourselves.

The black eight

The last chance.
The last word has never been said. Just as the black 8-ball is the last one to be pocketed in the billiards game, this symbol represents the optimism of the last act, what still has to be done and what has not been written yet.


Infinity joy.
A symbol expressing love and joy for someone or something, eventually for ourselves or the life, which is worth to be fully and happily lived...always and in any case.